As part of the site selection process, we work with you to determine whether existing regulations permit the use required by your objective. We also look at what changes and approvals would be necessary to achieve the use you envision in a way that contributes to the project’s economic feasibility. We will work with your experts or ours to develop a plan and determine its feasibility. In addition, we meet with municipal and other governmental staff, such as city or town planners, city managers and attorneys, to structure the project in a way that will meet with government approval.

Throughout the life of the project, we manage the approval process, including representation before municipalities and local, state and federal administrative agencies. We provide services that include, but are not limited to: zoning, variances, easements, Certificates of Appropriateness and other approvals.


Our financial professionals include MBAs and CPAs who can analyze your current real estate portfolio and help you identify your objectives. We can look at both your tax objectives and your expectations in terms of returns on investments. We then tailor to your specifications the types of projects and interests that meet your needs.

We’ve got your back throughout the entire process of financing your project. Once we jointly prepare a pro forma and determine the budget, we identify various sources of funding your project, from acquisition through construction. We work with you to determine the type of entity that best suits your and the project’s needs so the corporate and tax structure of the entity achieves your goals.


Although DID cannot give legal advice, we can give general information relating to development and land use issues and also provide the following services:

Pre-­Purchase Due Diligence. We will research, review and discuss with you the public records relating to the property. A cursory review instructs us as to what issues we may encounter in terms of title, restrictions and other factors that may pose obstacles. Our team’s relationships and knowledge of administrative processes allow us to make educated determinations of project feasibility.

Contract Negotiation. Our experts’ familiarity with their specific fields enables them to work with you to develop the terms and conditions that suit your objectives.

Governmental Approvals. Once the client and our team formulate an objective, we determine the strategy for obtaining all necessary approvals such as zoning changes, variances, easements, Certificates of Appropriateness, development plans, permits and Certificates of Occupancy. We assist throughout the application process and will appear before municipal boards and commissions as well as other local, state and federal administrative agencies.

We recommend that you consult with your own attorneys on all legal matters. However, we will work directly with your attorneys so they understand and can implement your objectives.


Our construction management services begin during the initial stages of project identification so that we have the feedback on those issues early on in the planning process. Our professionals assist in site selection and work with our team to assess the land and existing structures. Depending upon your needs, we conduct master planning and infrastructure planning, evaluate facilities, and make recommendations. We work closely with you in the process of selecting architects and other professionals and coordinate activities with them.

Our team manages the process and creates schedules, works with your lenders and governmental agencies through certificates of occupancy. We also work to protect your interests and resolve problems with lenders, subcontractors, vendors and insurance companies throughout the process.

Historic Preservation

Our services in this area depend on the needs of the developer. If you need a hand wading through the process of obtaining governmental approvals to allow construction on land or projects connected to a federal agency, we can guide you. If you want to nominate a property to the National Register of Historic Places, or to a state or local registry, we know our stuff. Maybe you don’t know about historic preservation, but your project is or affects a structure that is close to 50 years old or more. We can explain the benefits of historic preservation for your particular property. We help you capitalize on the history and architecture of a property, not only to protect the property, but also to increase its value and the return on your investment. Our familiarity with the laws and regulations in this area enables us to locate financing sources, find tax benefits, work with LEED professionals and sustainability experts and preserve historic elements. In addition, our experts can give you ideas on how to rehabilitate your structure, in accordance with the Secretary of State’s Guidelines for Rehabilitation.